How to use Timers, Queue, and Quotes in Streamlabs Desktop Cloudbot 101

How to Use Song Requests in Cloudbot

streamlabs add command

This will return the number of followers you have currently. You are even able to add, remove, or even give your own points to another user by using ! After you’re done customizing your loyalty simply click Save Settings and you should be good to go. Once done the bot will reply letting you know the quote has been added. Timers are automated messages that you can schedule at specified intervals, so they run throughout the stream. Today, we’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about Timers, Queue, and Quotes for Cloudbot.

Both types of commands are useful for any growing streamer. It is best to create Streamlabs chatbot commands that suit the streamer, customizing them to match the brand and style of the stream. Twitch commands are extremely useful as your audience begins to grow.

How do I set up a Queue?

Before creating timers you can link timers to commands via the settings. This means that whenever you create a new timer, a command will also be made for time commands allow your viewers to see how long they have been watching the stream. It is a fun way for viewers to interact with the stream and show their support, even if they’re lurking.

Logi Options+ (Plus): Customization App for Logitech Devices – Logitech

Logi Options+ (Plus): Customization App for Logitech Devices.

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Once you’ve set all the fields, save your settings and your timer will go off once Interval and Line Minimum are both reached. To get started, navigate to the Cloudbot tab on and make sure Cloudbot is enabled. It’s as simple as just clicking the switch. To get started, check out the Template dropdown.

How to Set Up Custom Commands on Streamlabs

Want to learn more about Cloudbot Commands? Check out part two about Custom Command Advanced Settings here. The Reply In setting allows you to change the way the bot responds. If you have a Streamlabs tip page, we’ll automatically replace that variable with a link to your tip page. Below you can see how the command should look when you have it set up.

streamlabs add command

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