The much-awaited Adivasi Mela got off to a colorful start with several cultural programmes.  It is one of the most popular exhibitions of the State. This year it shifted IDCO ground, Unit-3, Bhubaneswar. On the other side, it will attract more visitors and will do better business.

Similarly, they have arranged 37 exclusive stalls with tribal outlook for display and sale of various handicrafts items. Thus, the center of attraction in the biggest fair in the city. One can get a variety of natural products ranging from not only exotic spices to herbs, cereals, ayurvedic but also medicines, and household utilities.

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“People eagerly wait for the Adivasi Mela every year and this time also we hope that the business here will be good. The art and culture of the 62 tribal communities are being displayed at the fair,” said ST & SC Development Minister, Ramesh Chandra Majhi.

“Usually, we do not get a chance to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of tribals from a close quarter. The fair certainly is unique as we get scope not only buy ethnic products but also get chance to know more about the communities.

People of different primitive tribal communities construct model houses, paddy fields, gardens, backyards. Where they exhibit their lifestyle, process of cultivation, food, dress and cultural practices in a makeshift village.

Nearly the fair has 150 numbers of stalls. Among which about 21 stalls put by the project areas of integrated tribal development agencies of the state government, NGOs and a number of self-help groups.

ADIVASI MELA – 2018 – The Tribal Festival Of Odisha

The tribal food court offering mouth-watering delicacies of different tribal communities has also been a major crowd puller to the fair. Special delicacies like cakes, mutton-mudhi, chicken pitha, and beverages will be served in the fair. Besides, tribal dance and music will also be presented by different troupes every evening.

The Annual State Level, Tribal Cultural Fair called Adivasi Mela inaugurated today evening in the Adivasi Ground of Bhubaneswar. It is in presence of thousands of dignitaries and spectators, by Sri Naveen Patnaik, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha.

In the meantime , Sri Lal Bihari Himirika, Hon’ble Minister, ST & SC Development, Minorities and Backward Classes Welfare and Shri Santosh Kumar Sarangi, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, ST & SC Development Department and Dr. Akhil Bihari Ota, Director (ST)-cum- Additional Secretary to Govt. in ST & SC Development Department and Shri Susanta Kumar Nanda, Project Director, OTELP, Hon’ble Chief Minister garlanded the statues of tribal heroes- Sahid Laxman Naik, Pandit Raghunath Murmu and Guru Mangai Gamango.

And they visited the Theme Pavilion, Tribal Village, Tribal Hat and some other stalls. Arriving at the pandal of the open air auditorium, he greeted with loud applaud and clapping of hands. and the inaugural ceremony began with the lighting of a lamp.

Dr. A.B. Ota, Director (ST) in his welcome address briefed on the history of Adivasi Mela. And significantly highlighted on the theme and the structure-functional arrangements of this years mela.


Shri Santosh Kumar Sarangi, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, ST & SC Development Department spoke about some important tribal development and empowerment programmes. It is particularly for the socio-economic empowerment of ST & SC. It is the central theme of this years Adivasi Mela. As a result, He mentioned about a very important ST & SC welfare programme.

Another key point  Honorable Chief Minister announced for ensuring food security for the BPL families. That is the provision of 25 K.Gs of rice to each of them at Re.1/- per month. The largest number of beneficiaries of this scheme will be the people belonging to ST & SC. Meanwhile, He also stated about 5000 hostels to be established all over the state for the educational advancement of ST & SC.

As can be seen, The government of Odisha took some bold endeavors. These are unique and unparalleled in the country.

Shri Himirika, Hon’ble Minister spoke about the Welfare and Development programmes. State Government is working for the upliftment of ST & SC under the stewardship of Hon’ble Chief Minister.

Shri Naveen Patnaik, Honorable Chief Minister announced that the State Government is taking all possible steps. At this instance, they integrated to the national mainstream in a footing of quality. Whereas they live with pride and dignity. Particularly, he mentioned about 500 Post-Metric hostels being established all over the state for higher education of ST & SC students too.