Mruttika – 2019

Annual Terracotta Exhibition (“Mruttika”) – 2019 at Exhibition ground

Held from – 19 Oct 2019 – 25 Oct 2019

Organized by : Directorate of Handicrafts and Cottage Industries with Shadow Advertising & Communications Pvt Ltd

Many Terracotta artisans from all over Odisha will be taking part in the exhibition. Around 80 stalls will be put up by artisans from more than 20 districts of the state.

Clay artworks like bells, candle stands, wall hangings, lamp shades, ornament boxes and containers of different shapes and sizes, statues of Buddha, different kind of masks, idols of Gods and Goddesses and other attractive decorative items are featured at the fair.

Odisha Government is focusing to provide assistance to the local artisans and are looking for different prospects to ensure better quality of products in the future. Main attraction of the Mruttika will be the diyas, as it is the celebration time of Diwali and many artisans are expecting to good sales ahead of diwali.