Orissa is extremely popular for being a treat to cultural aficionados. Tribal festivals in Orissa are an important part of its culture. Most importantly, this coastal state is home as many as 62 tribes. Firstly, The tribes in Orissa have their own festivals, which mainly run around Mother Nature. Secondly, As these people are very close to nature, they consider it important to thank her for what she is giving to them.

Orissa Tribal festivals are a carnival of togetherness and strong bond between their communities. These fairs and festivals offer a wonderful sneak-peek into their lives and traditions. Most of such festivals are celebrated in the event of the change of season in relation to harvesting of crops. Eventually, Some festivals have religious importance, dedicated to local gods and goddess.


Some of the most popular tribal festivals in Orissa such as the Folk Dance Festival at Sambalpur (January) week-long Tribal Fair at Bhubaneswar that starts on 26th January, the Chhow Festival at Baripada (April), and the Tribal Festival at Koraput (November).

In the same manner, as the other Indian festivals, Orissa tribal fairs and festivals are a treat for all our senses. However, all the festivals are not celebrated by all the tribes. Folk songs, music and dance is the common feature of all the festivals. Another important highlight of these festivals is finger-licking food.

Visit Orissa at the time of these festivals and get to know about the traditional customs, food, music, and clothes of the tribal people. Though the Orissa tribes are away from civilization but they prove to be great hosts.

Tribal Fairs & Festivals in Odisha (Orissa) 

The festivals of the tribal constitute an integral part of their social life. Specifically, it relates to their strong beliefs in the power of supernatural elements and community togetherness. Their traditions can best be captured at these fairs and festivals.

Most festivals are occasions that mark the change of season relating to the harvest of crops and some are religious events commemorating a local deity.

Some of the larger and popular celebrations include a week-long Tribal Fair at Bhubaneswar (starts 26 January), the Chhow Festival at Baripada (April), the Folk Dance Festival (January) at Sambalpur, the Tribal Festival at Koraput (November). The observance is to believe that resist the materialistic aspects of human life, augment belief in religion. In addition, it brings welfare, prosperity and long life to the near and dear ones, recovery from ailments, beget a good match, and maybe a bumper harvest.

Most of these observations are marked by a spirit of sanctity, worship and painting walls and floors with rice paste.

In addition to the above-mentioned festivals, the Puri Beach Festival in November. The events range from the exhibition of handloom, cultural programmes and food festival.